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Google+ is a great tool to bring minds together, start a conference (hangout) or work on documents in colaboration.

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Bringing Minds Together

We work hard, and listen to what your expected outcomes are, then work to achieve them for you.


Host your site

The Clique online started out as a hosting company, and we are proud of our tradition of 99.4% uptime over the past 12 years.



Introducing The Clique online

Consulting on Technology since 1995


The Clique online is an IT consultancy specializing in Infrastructure but also working in software application design and implementation.

I will help you ascertain the best options for your company to improve its bottom line.

When The Clique comes into your organization, we will work with you and become a part of your team. This ensures we give you the best, unbiased advice to you.

The Clique online is agnostic, we work with a number of Suppliers, Application Specialists and Vendors to get the best pricing and solution required.  It is all a case of “best-fit,” and this is the difference when using us.

You want the best, we will provide you with a cost effective way of achieving that for you.

The Clique online specializes in the follow areas:

·     IT and Project management

·     Financial/sales systems

·     Planning/budgeting

·     Design/specifications

·     Staff supervision/training

·     Testing/implementation

·     Manufacturing operations

·     Customer support/service

·     Production systems

·     Inventory control, Quality control

·     Purchasing/receiving systems

·     Systems deployment


Interpersonal Skills

·     Team Building

·     Conflict Management

·     Run Staff Training sessions

·     Presentation Training

·     Staff Matrix design

·     Senior Management Reporting


Major Projects

·     Internet/Intranet Design

Design Internet sites for Customer interaction

·     Help desk Install/manage

Spiceworks, Helpdesk, Tech Desk, and many more

·     ERP Rollouts

Great Plains


Solution 21/BOS

·     VoIP




Sykpe, GTalk, Exchange IM

·     Security Systems

All Locations in the past 12 years

·     WAN Installations

Several sites from 5 locations to the largest 570 locations




LinkedIn Validations

David Friede,
Project Manager/Team Leader, Uecomm
contractor to Edward at Bob Jane Corporation  

“Ed and I worked on the implementation of a new WAN for Bob Jane. From the first kickoff meeting we struck a great working relationship which continued right through the project. Ed is excellent at being very clear about his objectives for projects both strategically and tactically. This made my job as the project manager that much easier. He has a great way of engaging with people and has incredible energy and drive to see things through to completion.”

October 31, 2008


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Trusted Consulting

Working close to your company is what makes all the difference, I will be your IT guru, look at the issues and provide solutions. My guarantee is I will never come to you with a problem that has not already got a workable solution possible. 

Docs Download

Working with Industry standard tools such as DropBox, Google Docs and others, you have access to see my work when ever you want, my work is open to the people I report to, or can be locked down to only one person. And at the end, you get all your documents with an index to complete your own internal audits.

Forensic Recovery

We are fully qualified to recover your lost data from hard-drives, recover data from formatted computers and data arrays. We can recover data from Raid arrays with a very high level of complete recovery. If you accidentally wipe your data, need to recover data from an employee, or just need to undelete some files, call The Clique online.

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